1905. Beginning of mining works in the quartz sand deposits.

1937. It was produced 5.200.000 kg of different quartz sands for glass industry and 246.000 kg of sand for filtration of water and producing of asphalt.

Due to big importance, enterprise in the postwar years operates under the auspice of Serbian Ministry of Mining until the half of 1951 when it becomes independent and from that moment starts significant investment activity.

2004. Enterprise is privatized by the company “Kaolin” Senovo, Bulgaria over its daughter company JUGOKAOLIN Ltd. Valjevo.

2011. Status change of joining with annexation to parental company “Jugo-Kaolin Ltd.” Belgrade was performed and since that moment it operates as branch of that company.

In the period from 1974. to 1986. a complete geological exploration of quartz sandstones deposit were done on the area east of Bor in the close vicinity of place Donja Bela Reka.

Based on positive results of exploration and big reserves of quartz sandstone, a separation plant was built and put into work 1989, since when it exists in the composition of “RTB Bor”.

Since May 2011, enterprise “Belorecki Pescar” after privatization works in the frame of enterprise “Jugo-Kaolin Ltd” Belgrade.