In facilities of Srbokvarc and Belorecki Pescar a grinding, separating, drying, micronization and coating of quartz sands are performing so as production of filter sands and charge masses.
Separation plans are built in1980 and 1988 with total year capacity of 500.000 tons. In technological process of quartz sands production after phase of drilling and blasting, raw ore goes to micronizing and processing in plants of wet mechanical separation.
Final product is wet quartz sand of different granulometric qualities and chemical composition. Total storage capacity for all kinds of sands is about 70 000 tons in covered storages and on open depots.
The most important for storage are halls where 15.000 tons of quartz sand can be delayed, which enables that in any moment we have sufficient quantities of quartz sand protected from impacts of the environment.
In facility for drying of quartz sand which consists of one rotating and two fluidization drying plants, there is a storage capacity for 1300 tons of dry quartz sand.
Facility for micronization of quartz sand with silex balls in rotating mill has capacity
of 5 tons / hour. Fine quartz powder as product of milling of quartz sand is in range of 53 to 125 microns and has a placement in construction and chemical industry.
Storage capacities are two bunkers of 140 tons.
Facility for coating of quartz sand with phenol-formaldehyde resins produces coated quartz sand which is using for production of moulds in casting industry. Production capacity is 5 tons per hour.
Facility for production of filter sands and charge masses is producing a large-grain quartz sands for filtration of water, production of special construction products and charge masses, which have use for constructing of induction furnaces.