Jugo – Kaolin

Since its founding in 2003. Jugo-Kaolin has constantly grown. With acquiring of enterprises Srbokvarc Rgotina, Kopovi Ub, Rudnik nemetala Valjevo and Belorecki Pescar – Donja Bela Reka, JK proves as one of the most significant producers of non-metallic mineral raw materials in this part of Europe.

2013. Jugo – Kaolin becomes part of system of German Quarzwerke Gruppe, a leading European producer of quartz sands and industrial minerals.

Since 2017. Jugo – Kaolin has been operating as a company with three branches: Kopovi Ub, Belorecki Pescar and Srbokvarc.

Kopovi Ub

  • 1965. Beginning of exploitation in mines of quartz sand and ceramic clays.
  • 2003. Privatization completed.
  • 2008. Acquiring and merging of enterprise Rudnik nemetala Valjevo is completed, which from that moment operates as a working unit of Kopovi Ub.

Belorečki Peščar

  • 1978. Beginning of exploitation in surface pit of quartz sandstone.
  • 1989. Beginning of processing of quartz sandstone since this company operates as a part of RTB Bor.
  • 2011. After privatization, operates as a part of company Jugo – Kaolin.


  • 1905. Beginning of mining works on quartz sand deposits.
  • 1951. Till this year works under the auspices of Ministry of Mining, when the significant investment activity begins and company started operating as independent.
  • 2004. Jugo – Kaolin acquires Srbokvarc which was in bankruptcy.