Kopovi Ub is located in western Serbia. The administrative part of the branch is in the town Ub, while the processing capacities are located in village Cucuge 15 kilometers from Ub and 20 kilometers from Valjevo and in the village Popucke (Working unit “Rudnik nemetala Valjevo”) 5 kilometers from Valjevo.

Connection to the road network with main roads, the vicinity of the railway stations in Valjevo and Sabac, as well as the proximity of the Port of Belgrade, enable supplying of customers all year long by road, rail, or river transport.



The raw material base of the Kopovi Ub branch comes from five pits:

Avala – fine-grained light gray to white quartz sand which is a raw material for obtaining final products: quartz foundry sand KLPa 017 and glass sand SPa.

Čučuge – a wide range of granulation of white over the light yellow to dark yellow quartz sand which is the raw material for obtaining the final products: quartz foundry sands KLPc 022, KLPc 026, KLPc 027, KLPc 035 and glass sand SP – 4.

Slatina – whitish through yellow to light red quartz sand which is raw material for obtaining of quartz foundry sand KLPs 032, as well as clay PKG 2s and PKG 2v.

Dokmir – ceramic clay D – 2.

Bogovađa – quartz sand – a gravel which is a raw material for obtaining a wide assortment of large-grain quartz sands, in Working unit of Rudnik nemetala Valjevo.



The technological possibilities of processing capacities are at such level that they can satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers in terms of certain quality parameters of quartz sand. At the separation facility various combinations are possible such as the treatment of ores of various deposits, as well as various technological schemes for processing of raw sand. Washed sand is stored on a concrete plateau, in 23 positions where each lot can have over 1000 tons.

The rotary drying facility uses an environmentally friendly natural gas, and the dried sand is stored in 10 silo.


In the Working unit of “Rudnik nemetala Valjevo”, a processing of quartz sand-gravel from deposit of Bogovadja is carried out, where large-grain quartz sands for various purposes in construction, mining, water treatment, construction of sports fields, etc. are obtained at the crushing, separation and drying facility. At the request of the customer it is possible to get a wide range of granulation intervals of the finished product in the range of 0.1 – 40mm.