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Kvarcni pesak za livačku industriju

Quartz foundry sand of Jugo – Kaolin, especially from the branch of Kopovi Ub is the highest quality foundry sand because it has exceptional natural characteristics (rounded grain shape and high content of SiO2) and as such has been used in most foundries in ex-YU. Thanks to high technological level of processing and decades-long experience in this type of production, in the branch of Kopovi Ub, in addition to the wide range of standard types of these sands, it is possible to produce sand according to the most specific requirements of the casting industry in terms of the average grain size (0,11 – 0,40mm), as well as certain values of degree of uniformity and number of grain fineness, as well as other quality parameters.  In the branch of Srbokvarc Rgotina coated quartz sands are also produced, which are used for making of masks and cores in the casting industry.