• Quartz glass sand of Jugo – Kaolin, especially from the Belorecki Pescar branch belongs to the highest quality glass sands in Europe. Due to its natural characteristics (high content of SiO2 and low content of Fe2O3 and other harmful substances), as well as high technological level of processing, the Belorecki…

  • Quartz foundry sand of Jugo – Kaolin, especially from the branch of Kopovi Ub is the highest quality foundry sand because it has exceptional natural characteristics (rounded grain shape and high content of SiO2) and as such has been used in most foundries in ex-YU. Thanks to high technological level…

  • Quartz sand from all branches of Jugo – Kaolin is used in most branches of the construction industry. Smaller grain size quartz sand is a mandatory ingredient of the finest ceramic adhesives, waterproofing and fug mass, while large-grain quartz sand is used in the production of concrete products such as…

  • Clays from the branch of Kopovi Ub has been used for many years in many branches of the ceramic industry. Clays D – 2 and PKG 2s are used in the production of ceramic tiles and sanitary ceramics, while the type PKG 2v is used in the production of refractory…

  • Large-grain quartz sand from plants of Jugo Kaolin have been used to rebuilt water filter plants of most waterworks in both Serbia and the surrounding countries, and these sands are also used in wells filter fillings.

  • Quartz sand of Jugo – Kaolin has also been used in the construction of sports fields, where it is used for drainage layers of many football and golf courses, as well as for covering football and beach volleyball fields.


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