Srbokvarc is located in the eastern Serbia in village Rgotina, 15 kilometers from Bor, 15 kilometers from Zajecar and 15 kilometers from Donja Bela Reka where the branch of Belorecki Pescar is located.

Connection with the road network with the main roads, possession of the railway track and the loading station, as well as the proximity of the Port of Prahovo on the Danube, enable the supplying of customers all year long by road, rail or river transport.


In the facilities of the Srbokvarc branch, drying and coating of quartz sands is done, as well as the production of filter sands and charge masses. The drying process is done with two dryers: for large-grain sands and sands for the casting industry.

The coating plant for dried quartz sand with phenolfromaldehyde resins produces coated quartz sand which is used to make masks and cores in the casting industry.

In the plant for the production of filter sands and charge masses, large-grain quartz sands for water filtration, production of special construction products are produced, as well as charge masses which are used for walling of induction furnaces.